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And So It Goes On . .

And So It Goes On . . ! The bull market, I mean. It’s not making new highs but its only 0.35% away from its all-time high on Monday. Interestingly, there is still a lack of euphoric headlines. Any headlines that mention a new high (and in recent weeks sometimes we have had a new

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October Stock Market Crash!

October Stock Market Crash! Except that there wasn’t one. The SPY got over its recent wobble, and is making new highs again, closing at $459.25 on Friday – although you wouldn’t realize it from the financial press or, indeed, any other press We may well be in euphoria, but it is the strangest euphoria I

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The Bouncing Bear

The Bouncing Bear he September volatility was a bit of a shock; the market had lulled us into a false sense of security. But let’s keep things in perspective: from the high on the 2nd September (453.19) to the low on the 4th October (428.64) the market tumbled 5.4%. That’s not even a correction which is

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Is This A Bear Market?

Are we in a bear market? Not yet. SPY will have to drop to 362.40 before we are in a bear market, which is defined as a drop of 20% from recent highs. Right now, it is not even a correction which is a 10% drop. But we have dropped 5.3% since the recent high

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Why Not a Leveraged ETF?

Why not use a leveraged ETF? One of the questions I get asked frequently is: Why not just use a leveraged ETF? Isn’t that going to get the same results as ITM? Well, no, it isn’t. While it is a common misconception, they work quite differently and get very different results. Let’s see why. Why

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Australian Version Free For One Day

Problem with ITM Australian Version There has been a problem on Amazon that when some people downloaded the Australian version of ITM they actually got the standard ITM book instead. If you bought the Australian version and it doesn’t have the extra Australian chapters then apologies. To make up for it I am reducing the

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