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The simple options strategy that always beats the market

Heather Cullen

Trade the tide, not the waves

ITM Options Strategy

How does ITM always beat the market?

Smart investors know that you trade with the tide, and don’t get distracted and swamped by the waves. But how to tell the difference? That’s where experience and skill come in.

If you don’t have 20 years to invest in getting this experience and skills, then the smart thing to do is to ‘piggyback’ off someone else’s experience. Someone else who has been there before you. You don’t have to do everything from scratch!

In The Money calls out the 'market experts'

Did you know that fewer than l in 5 professional money managers beat the stock market? That’s right, 80% don’t even do as well as the market.

It’s not hard to beat the market. A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at the financial pages beat the experts hands down’ Not just once, but 100 times a year for almost 50 years. On average 98 of the monkey portfolios beat the average of all stocks. So how come more money managers can’t do that too?

Wall Street is the only place where people ride in their Rolls Royce to get advice from people who take the subway!

Warren Buffett

Why is In The Money different?

ITM recognizes that the stock market is just a mass of people who make decisions based on their emotions, not objective facts. While you can never predict what one person is going to do, you can predict with greater certainty what a mass of people will do. This is called mass or crowd psychology, and is the study of the behaviour of large groups of people. You can read more about it here.
By looking at what happened before in similar circumstances, we can often predict how the market will react. But, tto take advantage of it, we have to have a simple, tested method and a clear head. And that is what In The Money is all about.
In The Money trades with the tide, not get swamped by the waves. ITM shows you how to do this too and always beat the market.

In The Money eBook and Paperback

ITM - the simple options strategy to beat the market.

The In The Money (ITM) options strategy is the safe way to make returns that are double or triple the market. The ITM strategy has been tested over many years and has worked every time.

It has even worked through dangerous and uncertain times like the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) and the Covid pandemic.

ITM is for beginners and experienced investors

Whether you are a complete beginner or if you have been trading for years, In The Money shows you everything you need to know to get started on your way to a wealthy future.

Packed with real-life examples and an easy roadmap to get you started, it gives you simple rules about exactly what options to buy, when to get in and when to get out. As well,  there are regular updates on how the ITM strategy is going and if it is time for any actions on your portfolio.

But financial books are sooooo boring!

Boring? Definitely not this one! In fact, many readers have commented on how easy it is to read and follow, and how amusing it is. I’ve even had readers say that they sat down and read it at one sitting. Others have commented that they read it several times and enjoyed it every time.
I guarantee you won’t be bored – and you can laugh at all the mistakes I have made, I don’t hold anything back. And since I have already made them and lived to tell the tale, you can avoid falling into the same traps that I did.

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In The Money

Heather Cullen

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